Reading Corner Competition 2016

Welcome to the Reading Corner Competition 2016!

We have a belief at One Way School that all children should have a love for learning and particularly reading and should be excited by this! So we want to foster this love through their time with us at school.

Each class was tasked with choosing one of their favorite books and decorating their classroom reading corner with designs and work based on their chosen book.

All with the hope of winning the coveted Gold Trophy!

This year the books chosen were:

ECD A – Goldilocks and the Three Bears
ECD B – The Leopards Drum
Grade 1 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Grade 2 – Lila and the secret of rain
Grade 3 – The Lion King

After much careful consideration and serious head scratching, due to the incredible effort put in by ALL classes – the winners were:

1st Place – ECD A – Golidlocks and the Three Bears
2nd Place – Grade 2 – Lila and the secret of rain

Below are pictures of all the book corners, along with the certificates and trophy being displayed by the winning classes!

HUGE congratulations to all involved and what a pleasure to see our children excited and engaged in reading!