Prize Giving 2015

Monday 30th November 2015 was our annual prize giving and graduation day.

It was a great day where;
ECD A (Daniel Class) sang ‘If you have Faith‘ and ‘If you Believe
ECD B (Joshua class) Performed dramas of their favourite books; The Gruffalo and The Rainbow Fish and graduated to grade one – we wish them all them all the best in grade one.
Grade 1 (Joseph class) Sang ‘When you Pray‘ and taught us a few memory verses
Grade 2 (Noah class) sang ‘Jesus, Thank-you for the cross‘ and taught us a few memory verses.

2015 Roll of Honour:
ECD A: Treshawn, Gerrard, Angelica, Shamsa, Tasimba & Yardely
ECD B: Kayla, Nyasha, Sean, AJ, Tayannah & Tarumbidzwa
Grade 1: Kylar, Takunda, Meguel, Shane, Sean & Theo
Grade 2: Laila, Amandah, Shammah, Aubrey, Tawananyasha & Liam Keith

The school prizes were; ‘The Outstanding Progress Award‘, ‘The Shona Prize‘, ‘Sportsperson of the year‘, ‘Writer of the year‘, ‘Reader of the year‘, ‘Mathematician of the year

Thank-you to all the parents who attended to celebrate your children. Thank-you so much for your support and encouragement –

Greg Sangwine.