Worship and Biblical Curriculum


One Way School is a church run school by One Way Ministries and led by Pastor Langton Gatsi. We have a Bible curriculum to support the children in daily Christian teachings, alongside other biblical texts and stories.

All the children have a daily bible lesson and praise and worship sessions. We also incorporate our Christian biblical teachings into other curriculum subjects such as literacy and topic lessons. 

Work examples

During the covid-19 pandemic we have been continuing out bible curriculum through our home learning. Here are a couple of examples of work completed by students at home.

Praise and worship

Most of the songs we sing come from a UK based ministry founded by Sophie’s Mother and Father called Family Worship the children particularly enjoy the actions we include with these! We also include some local Shona songs.

VIDEOS! Please follow the link below to a you tube channel featuring short videos of One Way School children during Praise and Worship sessions! Video Channel