Fun Day March 2015

We held a Fun Day to raise money for the development of One Way School. Check below for photos of the event.

IMG_2574 IMG_2518 IMG_2521 IMG_2525 IMG_2529 IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2533 IMG_2534 IMG_2535 IMG_2537 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2541 IMG_2543 IMG_2544 IMG_2545 IMG_2547 IMG_2551 IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2557 IMG_2560 IMG_2562 IMG_2564 IMG_2567 IMG_2569 IMG_2572 IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2578 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2588