Covid-19 guidance

As you all know we have been in a situation where, by necessity, One Way School has been providing distance learning to all our pupils in a multi-pronged approach. Whilst this has gone a long way in keeping our children as “up to speed” as possible, it is not ideal. Our desire is to get our children back to school as quickly as possible but we remain guided by the Ministry of Education in this regard.

The good news is that the Grade 7s are due back in school on Monday 28th September 2020 and then a phased return thereafter for the rest of the school is envisaged. Having said that, we are very keen to get everyone back to school. We are fully cognisant of the continued threat of Covid 19 and will be giving the matter our close attention under the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health in the first instance, and the Ministry of Education thereafter.

All staff will have undergone specialist training in the prevention of the spreading of Covid 19.