Community Aid

Lorraine with her 5 girls in 2 rooms. Martha, Maka, Zvido, Kuku, Mwaka.

At OWS we are a family, a community, all encompassing and striving to love in as vast a measure of ways as we can. We are delighted that this year we have begun the OWS Community Aid project . Through this we will be endeavouring to support those who are identified as particularly vulnerable, with grocery and aid packages. We have the intention to practically live the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through serving our wider community. ‘

In June 2020, we were able to provide 35 community aid packs to families in a variety of locations around Harare, and beyond, alongside supporting families from One Way Ministries International churches in Harare also.

We are blessed to receive the following testimonies and photo stories from some of the families who have been supported through this project.


“this will greatly help our people, who are struggling”

“thank you very much, we truly appreciate the acts of love shown by the friends of OWS”

“thank you, this is such a great help”

“they greatly appreciated what has been done and pray for blessings to the school”

” we can feel the impact, to God be the glory!”