Behaviour Plan

Behaviour Plan

We would like to emphasise that it is the opinion of One Way School that physicality should never, under any circumstance, be used to discipline a child. It is our belief that focussing on a child’s positive behaviour is paramount to the child having the attitude required to learn to their full potential. For this reason we have adopted a simple and effective reward/punishment system which we will ask you to sign on behalf of your child.

At One Way School we use a ‘behaviour card system’ to reward excellent and expected behaviours and punish behaviour that hinders your child’s progress.

The card system has seven sections
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red

  1. Gold – 3 stickers
  2. Silver –  2 stickers
  3. Bronze – 1 sticker
  4. Green – The child has had a great day and is behaving as expected without any sanctions.
  5. Blue- The child has been warned verbally that their behaviour is not acceptable but has repeated the behaviour and therefore is given this card to represent an official warning.
  6. Yellow – The child has again shown unexpected behaviour and is given a 15 time out.
  7. Red – The child has repeatedly displayed poor behaviour and is asked to leave the class and spend the remainder of the morning/afternoon in another classroom/ office with work to complete in solitude.


At the end of each day you will be able to hear from your child’s teacher, or see on the behaviour chart, which card he/she is on. Once the child has reached 10, 30, 50, 100 and 200 green cards they will receive a certificate for an excellent attitude toward their learning.

Additionally, they will receive a certificate at the year end prize giving detailing how many green cards they have received throughout the year.

On the other hand if your child has received 3 red cards you will be asked to come to the school for a meeting with the school leadership where we can discuss the behaviour presented.